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Our Vision & Mission


Striving to be a leader in our field by making innovative products with superior quality, collaborating with customers to reduce costs and build basis for mutual collaboration, and intensifying our efforts towards ongoing financial stability and profitability. In pursuance of our strategy our main vision is to meet the customer needs and fulfill their expectation, and provide them with high quality of services at the least cost. 


To be a leader in Brass and Copper alloy semi-finished products sector, generating long term profits while strengthening relations with our customers and also committing strongly towards the environmental and social responsibility.

Our quality policy has always been minimizing rejections and supplying the most thoroughly inspected material to our customers. To achieve this we have developed a quality system in which we have laid down strict inspection, packaging & dispatch standards. This has enabled us to reduce errors in production, minimize rejections and eliminate customer dissatisfaction.

We house all the latest measuring instruments and gauges enabling our team to control the accuracy and quality demanded. We operate in a huge area which enables division of work for higher efficiency and productivity. Also, to keep up with the latest technological development, our team undertakes research to develop cost effective techniques of production. Also, we regularly participate in International and Domestic trade fairs and exhibitions for equipments and machineries to keep ourselves updated on the technology frontier.

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